PurposeThe fundamental question we help our clients answer is, "For what purpose is the wealth intended?" Too many advisors and clients get caught up in creating various trusts, leaning about modern portfolio theory, or selecting money managers. In doing so they fail to ever fully answer the key question, "What is the money for?" Once we know the answer to these questions, then we can implement meaningful strategies.

StewardshipThe purpose of trusts, investment policies, and tax strategies is NOT to create unnecessary complexity (although many times it feels that way). Rather, it's to help our clients truly fulfill their role in stewardship of their wealth. When this occurs there is great satisfaction in knowing things are accomplishing their intended purpose.

FreedomTrue peace of mind comes when our clients know the purpose they want to accomplish and are confident in the stewardship process to make that purpose reality. Our goal is to bring more freedom to our client's lives, not more burdens. Our clients are then free to focus on the big picture of making certain their wealth is working for them, not the other way around.